One-day conference, 16 March 2017, EA 3816 FoReLL, Université de Poitiers, France

University language policy transfer

The internationalisation of universities is a burning issue. Although globalisation is debated in other sectors, there is a consensus about the necessity to internationalise universities, which are endowed with a responsbility towards other economic and social agents.

Institutional strategies have thus shifted in the recent years, taking stock of the changing profiles of international students, offering new mobility programmes, degrees in various languages, certificates, internationalisation programmes and also curricula promoting "internationalisation at home".

Universities have thus adopted various language policies, sometimes implicit, sometimes explicit. This has allowed such universities to organise language learning and define the place of local, national and international languages in relation with one another, particularly with English in teaching, mobility, research and to deal with non-faculty staff.

This one-day conference will observe how university language policies are born, circulate, transform and inform each other.






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